Bill Hecker, AIA

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Some Clients

  • Buisiness Clients

IBM Corporation

USX Corporation

Rockwell International Corporation


Mr. Gatti’s Pizza Restaurants

Ruby Tuesday & Tias’ Restaurants

  • State and Local Government Clients

City and County of Honolulu

States of Alaska, Georgia & Hawaii

City of Birmingham

South Carolina Council of Governments

City of San Francisco

California Dept. of Transportation (Caltrans)

  • University Clients

Duke University

Harvard School of Design

University of Alabama

University of Miami

George Washington University

  • Federal Clients

US DOJ, US Attorney’s, HUD & US Access Board

  • Client Associations

American Institute of Architects

National Association of Elevator Contr.

Assoc. of Physical Plant Administrators

Institute of Business Designers

Business Owners and Managers Assoc.

National Council of Independent Living

American Banking Association

  • Accessible Housing Related Clients

National Association of Home Builders

VNR Publishing - review of FHAA Book

Peoria Housing Authority

Jefferson County, AL Community Development

Alabama Dept. of Rehabilitation Services

  • Architecture Firm Clients

Kurt/Voit/Geuest - Dallas

RTKL - Baltimore/Washington

Einhorn, Yafee, Prescott - Albany

*consulting, training or litigation clients served by Bill while at either Hecker Design or Evan Terry Associates


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